Koornneef IT Consultancy is a provider of competence-based IT Management consultancy & support. The services are structured at three topics:

Business services

IT alignment –Initiate alignment between business and IT organization by creating a common understanding about the different roles IT (applications/systems) in the business process. With the gained insight the organization is able to work smarter by drawing up one common strategic agenda, focused on delivering the right products and services to the customers.

Agility – Enable organisations to implement “agile working” into a traditional organisation. Support IT Organisation leaders who are excellent at “running operations” to shift the focus to “enable the business”.

Change services

Project Readiness Check (PRC)  – Perform a PRC to provide a transparent overview of project areas with the biggest risks. When the project risks are known, a proper risk reduction strategy can be defined to mitigate the risk/impact.

Transition and Transformation – Support your organization with Transition and Transformation projects. Especially Transition projects are characterized with high dynamics and managing the (hidden) agenda’s  of the stakeholders: customer business, incumbent supplier and new partner.

In an outsourcing project, the transition phase takes place in the period between contract signing and service hand-over to the new supplier (internal or external). Transformation (broken into standard and customized projects) typically starts at the successful completion of transition and ends when your environment has reached the desired state.

Operate services

Operate IT (Managing IT like a business) – Support your IT organization to shift from a technology focus to a service orientation that provides customer-driven solutions to business problems. This is done by creating an understanding of the IT value and matching the cost of IT services and operations.

Interim Management –  Provide a pragmatic interim staffing solution of an IT Management function within your organization. Need an interim captain to manage your IT department into calmer waters? Is help needed to (re)structure your IT  to reestablish business support and/or growth?

Koornneef IT Consultancy enables organisations to create more business value with IT and information. This to help organisations work smarter and prepare for the digital future.

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