About Koornneef IT Consultancy

About Us

Koornneef IT Consultancy provides competence-based IT Management consultancy and support in the era of supporting business agility with a strategic IT alignment.

Agile Business strategy as a driver of real change and effect.
The world has become more dynamic, complex, and globally connected, and organizations are becoming more and more knowledge-intensive. The rapidly changing marketplace force companies to be more flexible. This makes strategic capability a key driver of long-term performance and value creation. And as the Business- and IT function are more and more integrated it means that both functions need to be able to respond to changing business needs. Being agile means being adaptable, managing change, trying to keep pace with technology and consumers’ ever-evolving needs and desires.

As your IT organization need to align with the agile business needs, we can help you to drive results along the full continuum, from strategy to operational execution.

About Robert Koornneef – Owner

Robert Koornneef, a talented and accomplished IT management professional, with extensive background in Internet Architecture, Portal, B2B, ERP environments and near/off shore sourcing.

He has a proven ability to direct technical and business teams, coordinate consultants, and manage programs. Experienced in leading development and implementation of technology systems. Adept at directing product launches, business development efforts, application design, content management, and business integration.
Expertise in complete project management, from conceptualization and requirements determination to final testing and implementation. Able to administer budgets, provide support for sales groups, and develop outside partnerships. Outstanding presentation, leadership, and communication skills.

He has held IT management leadership positions with EDS, Capgemini Group and ModusLink and has run his own successful business in transforming IT organizations, transition management, account- and service management and operational IT management for global enterprises.

He brings international experience, having worked in the US, Europe and Asia and he brings direct knowledge in the successful transformation of an IT organization to support the changing business needs.