Project risk awareness

Organizations are increasingly “managed by projects”. Successful projects are key to enable companies to be successful. However, only a small fraction of all projects is successful. The vast majority of projects struggle with cost overruns, significant delays, and less than the required features or functions.


As reported in many studies the IT project failure rates remain high. Regular performed researches by Standish Group show that project results haven’t really improved over the last years and the figures beneath are still valid.

Standish Group - 2012 CHAOS







In many occasions the project success or -failure is already defined at the start. If risk areas are known upfront the right measures can be taken the increase the chance to drive the project to a success.


Project Readiness Check (PRC)  – Perform a PRC to provide a transparent overview of project areas with the biggest risks. When the project risks are known, a proper risk reduction strategy can be defined to mitigate the risk/impact. The PRC best can be performed just before or at project start. It is based on a proven knowledge based checklist. This service has following features: Quick, Simple, Comprehensive and Transparent.


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Transition and Transformation

Transition and Transformation projects are characterized with high dynamics and managing the (hidden) agenda’s  of the stakeholders: customer business, incumbent supplier and new partner.

In an outsourcing project, the transition phase takes place in the period between contract signing and service hand-over to the new supplier (internal or external). Transformation (broken into standard and customized projects) typically starts at the successful completion of transition and ends when your environment has reached the desired state.


Transition and Transformation – Support your organization with Transition and Transformation projects. Provide support to manage a Transition and Transformation project without losing the ultimate project goal out of sight.

Pre-Sales support
Provide support during the sales stage the Transition and Transformation project, contribute as a candidate for the later Transition and Transformation project, and prepare and calculate the Transition and Transformation project. Work closely with the Solution Architect and the Sales team, ensure the Transition and Transformation approach respond to the customer business requirements and your internal delivery organization in the most cost-effective and feasible manner.

Execution support
Execute or provide support during the execution phase, responsible to manage the Transition and Transformation project, to achieve the project goals in time, budget and quality. Working closely with the customer and the internal delivery organization. Ensures that the Transition and Transformation project set-up, execution and closure is performed as planned and, if applicable, deviations are managed in a transparent and controlled manner.



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