IT Alignment

Eliminate uncomfortable business conversations by helping the organization understand how technology will be used to differentiate the business and drive innovation.


Business managers are looking for more flexibility, this is shown in the demand for easy-to-use (cloud based) applications that can be quickly deployed to take advantage of market opportunities or to solve business problems. Meanwhile, the IT organization is striving to standardization by managing a limited set of comprehensive application suites to minimize integration issues, maximize security and reduce IT costs. This seems to be a catch 22 and if these perspectives are not aligned, then they won’t help the organization achieve its goals.


IT alignment –Initiate alignment between business and IT organization by creating a common understanding about the different roles IT (applications/systems) in the business process. With the gained insight the organization is able to work smarter by drawing up one common strategic agenda, focused on delivering the right products and services to the customers.


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(Business) Agility

The rapidly changing marketplace force companies to be more flexible. And as the Business & IT function are more and more integrated it means that both functions need to be able to respond to changing business needs. Being agile means being adaptable, managing change, trying to keep pace with technology and consumers’ ever-evolving needs and desires.


Innovation projects look significantly different from traditional application development projects. General issues that obstruct organizations to implement agility:

  • Application strategies are not dynamic enough to handle changes in technology, the complex nature of business demands and the unique needs of specific industries.
  • IT organizations find it difficult to use application strategies to help the enterprise reach its goals.
  • When systems, applications are poorly managed, they hinder the performance of day-to-day business activities, prevent the solving of business problems, and limit the ability to compete and innovate.

Agility – Enable organisations to implement “agile working” into a traditional organisation. Support IT organization leaders who are excellent at “running operations” to shift the focus to “enable the business”.


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