Agility and Bimodel IT

 Agility and Bimodel IT

Innovation projects look significantly different from traditional application development projects. (Gartner has defined a B-model IT strategy, Bimodal IT: How to Be Digitally Agile Without Making a Mess)
By applying a Bimodal IT strategy in your organization it will help to categorize application/systems based on their value to the business, and therefore determining the right resources (or mode) for development and fast-track strategic business innovation projects.

Bimodel characteristics
Mode 1: Development projects related to commodity of core system maintenance, stability or efficiency. These require highly specialized programmers and traditional, slow moving development cycles. There is little need for business involvement.

Mode 2: Development projects that help differentiate or innovate the business. These require a high degree of business involvement, fast turnaround, and frequent update. Mode 2 requires a rapid path (or IT ‘fast lane’) to transform business ideas into applications.

Bimodal IT and three layers

By separating into two modes, IT teams can ensure that they have the right process, people and technology to support business initiatives without impacting long-term maintenance projects.


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